ANDREW TARLOW | Publisher     ANNA DUNN | Editor in Chief     BECKY JOHNSON | Art Director / Designer  

SCARLETT LINDEMAN | Recipe Editor     JULIA GILLARD | Photo Editor     LEAH CAMPBELL | Deputy Editor    

MILLICENT SOURIS | Editor-at-Large     PAUL ZABLOCKI | Contributing Editor     LARS KARLSSON | Solutions Director

EVAN DUNN | Relatability Editor     SVEN DEL VECCHIO | Director of Sales   

PETER MILNE GREINER | Ship's Counsel     JASMINE REYNOLDS | Marketing & Web Design


Diner Journal is an independent magazine featuring original art, literature, and recipes. Released three times a year, the Journal is a thematic exploration into food, inspiration, and creativity. Ad-free and three hole-punched, Diner Journal has been self-published in Brooklyn since 2006.


85 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Ad-free and 3 hole-punched since 2006.

Interested in carrying issues of Diner Journal? For information on becoming a stockist, write to us at STOCKISTS@DINERNYC.COM.