Diner Journal, No. 23 : The After Dinner Issue


Diner Journal, No. 23 : The After Dinner Issue


Winter 2012 

After dinner has for me always been a kind of galaxy of the the unconscious mind. After the bakers have left the building, the butchers have left the shop. After the computers have been powered down and many of the dishes have been washed. After the preparing or the choosing, the successes or the failures, before the day finally falls away, arrives one last moment of truth; one last balance to be tipped. How much is just enough to carry us through to a couple chapters read before bed or how, or better yet why, does one resist the swirling, whirling, imbibing that will keep us awake and wondering though the young hours of tomorrow’s day. Here at play are the cakes and tarts, the cookies and candies, the thimbles and the theories, the phobias and the desires of our time. But no matter who or what or how we choose, the entirety of our hours will give way to the finality of day. Here in this Journal we seek out sweet relief, of each and every kind.-AD

“There’s a capacity for appetite,” Samuel said, “that a whole heaven and earth of cake can’t satisfy.”  - John Steinbeck, from East of Eden


Apricot + Hazelnut Biscotti 

Coconut Macaroons 

Chocolate Sandwich Cookies 

Marshmallow Fluff 



Holiday Gingerbread Dough 

Royal Icing 

Apple Cider Caramels 

Nut Brittle 

Nutty Caramel Apples 


Sugar Plums 

Lemon Chess Pie 

Pate Brisee 

Buttermilk Pie 

Rye Pecan Pie 

Quick Puff Pastry 

Pear Tarte Tatin 


Cranberry Cake 


Suksess Terte 

Black Plum Pudding 

Brown Bread 

Sticky Toffee Pudding 

Blueberry Pudding 

Noodle Kugel 

Persimmon Pudding 

Apricot Pudding 

Spotted Dick 

Custard Sauce 

Cream Cheese w/ Chutney 

Turkey Banh Mi Sandwich 

Holiday Kedgeree 

Salade Rapide 

Candied Quince and Goat Cheese Tart 


‘Dark’ Hot Chocolate 

Trees Nuts 

Black Manhattan 

Creme de Menthe on the Rocks 

Crime de Menthe 



Maple Sazerac 

Rye Daisy

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