Diner Journal, No. 26


Diner Journal, No. 26


Winter 2013

In this 64-page issue of Diner Journal, we share 15 seasonal recipes to warm your home such as red wine poached figs, stuffed pumpkin, and sauteed turnips with butter and bottarga. We'll take a deep look at organ meats from past to present and explore the relationship between our butchers, community, and table, as well as break down essential illustrated how-to's such as preparing the perfect ham and tying a standing rib roast.


Crushed Potatoes w/ Pickled Chiles 

Red Wine Poached Figs 

Horseradish Cream 

Beets w/ Orange and Walnuts 

Stuffed Pumpkin 

Roasted Chestnuts 

Classic Roasted Turkey w/ Gravy 

Sauteed Turnips w/ Butter and Bottarga 

Dandelion Salad 

Ham Glaze 

Mole the next day 

Suet Pastry 

Braised Oxtail Filling 

Leek Confit 

Gloucester Pancakes

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